Apla Blockchain

The Most Powerful Blockchain Protocol For Business

Apla Key Features


All the resources — including data, smart-contracts and user interfaces - are stored on every node inside the network. Any change to data can only be made via smart contract execution. This makes it impossible for anyone in network to tamper with the data.

Security first

The Apla platform was originally designed for governments, so security was essential and the first thing to consider. We are working hard to make the Apla blockchain platform completely secure. Only standardised cryptography and hashing algorithms are used, and there is a Bug Bounty program in partnership with HackerOne too.

Rapid development

App development with Apla doesn’t require any specific knowledge about how P2P networks operate. It allows you to test new ideas and develop Proof of Concepts several times faster. Once dApp development is finished, the dApp can be used on desktop, mobile devices or via web interfaces.

Truly democratic governance

Network governance or critical decision making can be done in a truly democratic manner using the voting mechanism. Once enough users vote, a smart contract is executed automatically to perform the particular action voted for.

Single platform for everything

Everything that is needed for an app to function is already in place, including tools for smart contract development, the building of user interfaces and database table management. This means that you don’t need to write as much code to create your dApp. Moreover, this means that there are fewer potential vulnerabilities in you dApps.

Flexible access rights management

Access rights can be configured for every action, including the execution of smart contracts, editing of any interface or working with data.
You can also allow data to be read from one single table or add new data tables for users who have specific roles, or configure smart contract execution only where specific conditions are met.

Get the most out of blockchain

We collaborate with clients to identify areas of growth, match business processes with technology features, carefully select use cases for digital transformation, educate client teams, execute blockchain solutions and provide proactive support:


Helping you define potential areas which can be optimized

Research & Development

Matching your needs with the right technology stack


Validating initial ideas


Creating a customized, user-friendly blockchain solution for client needs


Providing the client’s team with in-depth understanding of the solution


Maintaining a healthy blockchain ecosystem, coupled with constant R&D

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