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BoardRoom SaaS Fee Schedule

Base Medium Large
End-user accounts 1000 10000 10000+
Monthly payment € 1000 € 8000 on request
Quarterly payment € 2160 € 19200 on request

SaaS license includes

  • Establishing a private blockchain network on your own servers that will be powered by Apla blockchain (at least 3 nodes will be deployed);
  • Offering the deployed network to Apla X-REG end-users for data storage, processing of electronic transactions and other services;
  • Validating end-user accounts
  • Deploying an ordinary Node in Apla Consortium Network
  • Deploying a validating Node in Apla Consortium Network if voted for by the other network members;
  • Access to Apla Luxembourg’s product customization services
  • Access to Apla Luxembourg’s technical support throughout the license period.

Special offer

If you submit a preliminary purchase order to buy Apla X-REG SaaS License until the 15th of November 2019, we will offer you the 80% off monthly subscription price for the period of one year.

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