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  • Physical verification of documents takes months.
  • Paper-based documents total up to many pages per registration process.
  • Multiple authorities for owner verification, property verification, legal status, financial verification & regulatory checks.
  • Payment of stamp duty is recorded manually on a paper ledger.
  • Preparing the documents involves a third party.
  • High levels of bureaucracy stall the process significantly.
  • Low confidence in the property market.

All solved by one solution: Apla


Analyze current processes in land registration
Find operational inefficiencies
Apply Apla's blockchain advantages
Build working prototype

Solution ecosystem

Integration of Google Maps
in government land database

Coordination with government
departments responsible
for verification of land data

Communication with authorized
banks providing money transactions

Land purchase steps


Blockchain guarantees that any information can not be arbitrarily amended, altered or deleted by any single individual.


It is easy to track actions made by every system user and define who is specifically responsible for each.


Operational efficiency is increased hundreds of times.

Key Benefits of the Apla Blockchain

Blockchain 3.0

We use “Smart Law” technology that operates above the level of protocols. Unlike Smart Contracts, Smart Laws can evaluate and rectify errors where there are program contradictions or flaws in the algorithm.

Regulated ecosystem

The blockchain network is private and permissioned, meaning only those authorized can see or use information; it is also leak-proof.

Rapid development

Apla is able to build entire systems in a matter of days, not months. Moreover, an intuitive interface coupled with simple syntax allows to train staff from local agencies easily.


It gives the organization complete control over the platform and is also less dependent on the technology provider.

Interface editor

It’s simple to use for any user, even those without a technical background.


Ease of use from desktop or any Android or iOS devices.

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