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Apla’s team created blockchain solution concept which enhances security and builds trust within the supply chain of a global organization.


  • High supply chain costs for management of contractors.
  • Impossible to control all aspects of the supply chain throughout the cycle across the globe without trust between counterparties.
  • Data may be falsified during shipping: the location and time may not correspond to the signed documents.
  • Time is spent on replanning routes when there are weather or other significant changes that impact freight shipping.

All solved by one solution: Apla


We use business intelligence technologies to help our clients to analyze problems, find growth points, develop and integrate the perfect solution.

Analyze the existing problems in current supply chains
Select a freight identification method
Come up with the best way to integrate with current IT systems
Select external services to take part in the supply chain
Create work specifications for required actions
Develop systems that are able to interact with external services via a Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE)
Make a working prototype of the application
Test and verify


A game-changing blockchain app by Apla that is designed specially for freight transportation industries. Each supplier uses their unique key to sign off the handing over of freight. The application allows users to identify the cargo and to ensure all the terms of a contract are met.

The system records that cargo has changed hands only when contractors are in the same geographical location at the same time.

All information about the freight’s movement is recorded on the blockchain without the risk of loss or forgery. This helps build trust between the people and companies that interact, leading to business growth.

Extra features

Serial shipping container code

Radio frequency identification

Geolocation service

Oracle services

Supply chain management steps




Cargo can be lost or data can be falsified.


Cargo can be identified  via scanning a barcode, QR code etc.


No trusted data available along multiple distribution points.


Comprehensive monitoring of all operations  along the supply chain.


Personnel waste valuable time trying to oversee the cargo’s movements and solving contractor problems.


The app automatically oversees the cargo, allowing to increase personnel decision making time and improve performance.


Optimizing routes takes time and effort.


Oracle services analyze significant factors and optimize routes automatically.


Lack of trust and transparency holds back business growth.


Trusted and efficient business network  between transacting companies.

Key Benefits of the Apla Blockchain

Blockchain 3.0

We use “Smart Law” technology that operates above the level of protocols. Unlike Smart Contracts, Smart Laws can evaluate and rectify errors where there are program contradictions or flaws in the algorithm.

Regulated ecosystem

The blockchain network is private and permissioned, meaning only those with authorised access can see, use or alter information; it is also leak-proof.

Rapid development

Apla is able to build entire systems in a matter of days, not months. Moreover, an intuitive interface coupled with simple syntax allows to easily train staff from local agencies easily.


It gives parties more control over the platform, meaning they are less dependent on the technology provider.

Interface editor

It’s simple to use for any user, even those without a technical background.


Ease of use from desktop or any Android/iOS device.

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